De Groot
Born on October 26th, 1941

Born in Brussels on 26 October 1941, Bob de Groot was only 17 when he joined an Arts College.

In 1960, he met the great Maurice Tillieux, and came to work with him on the adventures of Félix. Over the course of five years, he created some 300 pages solo for several dailies.

In 1967, he produced several stories with Hubuc and Reiser, then illustrated Agent Caméléon for writer Fred. When Turk joined, then took over, the series, the deep bond that was to last many years between the two of them was forged.

In 1968, the pair created Archimède for Spirou magazine, then began in 1969 the hilarious adventures of Robin Dubois for Tintin.

In 1972, Bob de Groot took over Clifton’s investigations. In the meantime, he abandoned the art side of comics to focus exclusively on script writing.

In 1975, he launched for Achille Talon Magazine the now famous adventures of Léonard. Having become one of the most renowned humour writers of the comic scene, he restarted Chlorophylle with Dupa and Walli. He also collaborated episodically with Tibet (Les Peurs-de-Rien), Greg and Dany, and teamed up with Morris for some of Lucky Luke and Rantanplan’s (Rin Tin Can) exploits.

In 1989, Bob de Groot forayed into realistic stories by writing Des Villes et des Femmes for Francq, as well as Digitaline for Landrain, the first bande dessinée in the world entirely created by computer.

In 1999, he published Doggyguard with Rodrigue.

Then in 1996, he created Père Noël et Fils, and in 2007 re-launched Robin Dubois for publisher Lombard.
Since then he’s kept his key series, such as Léonard, going, while still creating new ones – Le Bar des Acariens.