Born on April 30th, 1946

Born in 1946, Xavier Fauche graduated from Le Havre Management and Business School.

Producer for French national radio station France Inter, he was a partner of Eve Ruggieri (Un Prénom, Une Vie, 1978), Jean-François Kahn (Avec Tambours et Trompettes, 1979-80) and above all José Arthur (A Qui Ai-je l’Honneur, 1983-85, and Le Pop-Club, 1979-85).

During the 80s, he published numerous essays that would, among other things, earn him a couple of invitations to Apostrophes.

He broke into bande dessinée by writing some scripts for Morris following Goscinny’s death. Xavier Fauche proved up to the challenge, and Morris entrusted him with writing 9 episodes of Lucky Luke and 14 of Rantanplan (Rin Tin Can).

For the series Fraggle Rock he created sequences shot in French from Jim Henson’s original scripts of 1983-84.

At the request of André Franquin, he wrote the scripts of two of Le Marsupilami volumes, and launched, with Yvan Delporte and Jean Léturgie, TV series Les Tifous (51 original scripts in 3 years).

In 1991 he founded ‘Une Bulle en Plus’, a company specialised in business communications through comics (www.unebulleenplus.fr). He sold the company in 2008.

Xavier Fauche has been administrator of the Mutuelle des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques (Insurance fund for authors and composers) since 1993. He was its president from 2003 to 2005.

He’s been a Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters and host of the Saint-Cloud book fair since 2008.