Jean Léturgie
Born on December 24th, 1947

Jean Léturgie was born on 24 December 1947 in Caen.

He started in bande dessinée by conducting interviews for the Cahiers de la Bande Dessinée (1976-1980) and Circus magazine (1979-1983). During the same period, he was also press attaché for publisher Glénat.

He then wrote his first story for Pierre Wininger before creating Percevan with Philippe Luguy – a medieval hero whose ninth adventure was published in April 1996 by Dargaud.

From 1982, along with Xavier Fauche, he wrote eight scripts for Lucky Luke, from Sarah Bernhardt to Le Pont sur le Mississippi (Bridge over the Mississippi). He continued his collaboration with Fauche and wrote the adventures of Rantanplan (Rin Tin Can) (art by Morris and Janvier).

In April 1995, with Pearce and Morris, he launched Kid Lucky, a new series that allowed him to tell the story of the American West before the Civil War.

Then in 1996, he published his first interactive BD on the internet, on defunct website The (Virtual) Baguette. Since then, he’s continued the adventures of Rin Tin Can, all the while working on ever more numerous new projects.

Concurrently with his scripting duties, he’s had several other jobs and duties :
- Manager of the Bande Dessinée section of magazine Je Bouquine (1985-1986)
- Literary Director for Humanoïdes Associés (1988-1990)
- Editor-in-Chief of the BD supplement to VSD (July-August 1989).
- In charge of the BD ON LINE internet magazine project (Matra Hachette Multimédia – John Eigrutel Productions) for the 1995 Angoulême Festival.