1/12/1923 - 17/07/2001

Born in 1923, Maurice de Bevere, or Morris, was a Belgian comics artist and writer. Creator in 1947 of the series Lucky Luke, as well as its eponymous hero and attendant world, he also created Rantanplan (Rin Tin Can) in 1987, as well as the publishing company Lucky Productions in 1990, to promote his work. In 1992 he was awarded the special 20th anniversary Grand Prix of the Angoulême festival to honour his career, and was made an officer of the French Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in 1998. Morris passed away in 2001, aged 77

L'art de Morris
L'art de Morris
Artist : Morris

The American Dream

"Morris is a sort of improbable missing link between Homo Dessinatus Belgicus and Homo Americanus Comicus… He is, as far as I know, the first and only European of the post-war era to have gone to the States with the intent of working in a comic studio and soak in the local artists’ know-how. When he returned five years later, he was able to impose his inimitable and so special style."

(Yann - quote taken from his interview by Didier Pasamonik in Lucky Luke, les Dessous d’une Création – Editions Atlas)

Interview of Morris for the 50 years of Lucky Luke.

Meeting Goscinny

(...) The two authors developed a sincere bond. One of Goscinny’s many qualities was his ability to adapt to his current companion. Morris confirmed: ‘He always says that he knows ahead of time how I’m going to draw his story; and when I read that story, I know exactly what he wants, how he’s picturing it. Actually, I’m rather faithful to what he asks for. ’ (...)

(Text by S. Beaujean, J.P. Mercier and G. Akyüz, from L’Art de Morris – Lucky Comics, 2015)

René Goscinny et Morris

René Goscinny and Morris © DR

René Goscinny par Morris

René Goscinny by Morris © Lucky Comics 2015

Morris and René Goscinny, 1974

An iconoclastic Far West

(...) To read Lucky Luke is to find oneself before a concentrated vision not only of he history of the Old West, but also of the history of the history of the Old West, offering at the same time the myth and its re-reading. It’s also to find oneself before a true slice of the adventure of Westerns. The truth is that for many readers, Lucky Luke was the first contact they ever had with the genre, and it gave them all the keys to it – unmistakable sign of a successful initiation. (...)

(text by Vladimir Lecointre, from l'Art de Morris - Lucky Comics, 2015)

Dessin de Morris au pinceau

Brush painting by Morris © Lucky Comics 2015

Case extraite du Juge

Extract from The Judge © Lucky Comics 2015